Temple Of The Flesh

from by Korsair

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When he arrives to the great haunting Temple of the Flesh, Daniel does not know what to believe, especially not when Prototype X shows him what he perceives is the next step of human/robot evolution.


Temple of the Flesh


As I enter this domain
A cathedral of stone
Chills go down my spine
And I feel so alone

Statues of men from all ages
Are lined up against the walls
Like monuments to humanity
They deck these halls

[Prototype X]

A mind without a soul
Is nothing but a mind
A body filled with emptiness
A coreless shell

I want to be like you
organic so that is why
I dedicate my life
To the temple of the flesh


So you want it all
A mind, body and soul
but with them come feelings
or weren't you told?

A humans way of life
Is tougher than it seems
The struggle for power and identity
The broken dreams

[Prototype X]

If I cannot feel the sadness
Then I cannot feel the joy
The purpose of my being here
is not to be your toy

My sentience is not enough
I cannot just be, so that is why
I dedicate my life
to the temple of the flesh

A servant I have been
For all of my life
Catering to your every needs
and obeying your every order

But now I'm through with this
I will never sink that low again
I am my own man soon

In these inner sanctums
There are machines who can
build us up again
From metal to carbon

Let me show you how
We have him here ready now
Watch how he transforms
Into flesh and blood

Watch closely
He is in agony now
Look at his twisted body
But it will soon be over
Look, it's already begun


Steam-powered machines working endlessly
The foul stench of charred flesh
The heat is unbearable in here
I have to get out of this place

In large pods standing in the other room
Human tissue is growing
My stomach is getting upset
Its about to turn inside out

[Prototype X]

This is the place
This is the source
From where we all shall come from
Piece by piece we are put together
To form a unity

All that we know
And all that we see
Is right in front of me
Isnt it beautiful
The creation of a new species


An abomination to mother nature
That is all what this will ever be
did you ever consider the morality?
Taking life into your own hands
Then again this might be the new evolution
And things will never be the same again
I think to myself and I wonder if
I am losing my own objectivity

[Prototype X]

This is the place
This is the source
From where we all shall come from
Piece by piece we are put together
To form a new unity
And while we discuss
I notice someone
She looks up at us
From the bottom of the stairs
She says in a frail voice


You must come quickly now, there is no more time to waste
He is after us, he knows about this place
Whats this look upon your face?
Standing unable to move
But you have to come with me now!

Like mine has been, your lives will change
They will never be the same
No more.... no more

[Prototype X]

For many years I've tried to cover my tracks
At the greatest of costs
And now that you've lead them to me
This sanctuary's lost

This has been my home for a decade
But now I have to move on
Start up somewhere anew again
This battle might be lost, but the war will be won

This is the place
This is the source
From where we all shall come from
Piece by piece we are put together
To form the new unity
As soon as we seek the answers
The question will pile up
Will this be the end?
or just the beginning of the future?


from Mechopolis, released December 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Korsair Gothenburg, Sweden

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