Lost Identity

from by Korsair

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We are introduced to twins Daniel and the cyborg known as Lady Bionic and their special bond.


Lost Identity


Oh my sister
I can feel your presence in my soul
Even though you're far away
I am sensing that you're cold
All my life
I’ve been questioning everything
And for that reason
I will bring you back again

[Lady Bionic]

Oh my brother
Are you really there?
My heart says yes but I wonder
do you really care?
As long as you’re alive
Protected and secure
There is no reason
To feel so insecure


To find the answer, find the clues
I became a reporter for the news

[Lady Bionic]

But whom do I live for?


I search without, I search within
The front page cover is wearing thin

[Lady Bionic]

But not for myself?

[Daniel & Lady Bionic]

But if we aren’t who we are, who might we be then?


In July of 78, born was I Daniel Gray
To a mother of one, and a father astray
She took care of me, her one and only son
But it took its toll, and now she's gone
But I knew from the start, that we weren’t the only ones
And now, I set my quest for you

As a teen growing up, my mind was troubled
My mother always said, you shouldn’t be thinking those thoughts

But I knew from the start, that we weren’t the only ones
And now, I set my quest for you

[Lady Bionic]

Within these cold steel walls
I was born from parents unknown
I feel so alone
I want parents of my own
I wish I knew more, what I am here for
But these answers lie far away, and I cannot delay

But I knew from the start, that I wasn’t the only one
And now, I set my quest for you


I remember the days when I
still went to college
I had big ambitions
And a thirst for knowledge

When I graduated school
I was in the top of my class
Now I’m working at this paper
And go to Sunday mass

Oh I wish
I wish there was something more to it
And I think
I do think that there's something more

Behind the drapes
Behind the scenes
There is a story waiting
To be written and scrutinized
Beyond the clouds
Beyond the horizon
There is the truth still waiting
To be uncovered
To be brought into the light

[Lady Bionic]

But I don’t understand
How this came to be
This is not the way
I was meant to see
These dreams I keep having
Are they even real?
Are they real?

They are inside my head
These people I’ve never met
In places beyond my imagination

And every night’s the same
Miriam’s her name
In a giant land of sand

And every night’s the same
Miriam’s her name
It doesn’t make any sense at all


from Mechopolis, released December 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Korsair Gothenburg, Sweden

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