Four In The Morning

from by Korsair

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The troubled youth Paul does something horrible and reaches out to his best friend Miriam, but someone wants them to pay for what they have done.


Four In The Morning


Its four in the morning and I’m lying wide awake
Evil thoughts are spinning inside my head
Once I was full of joy. Now I’m just afraid
afraid of what he will do to me next
When my mother passed away
He turned into another man
The burden of my mothers death
Cracked his mind in two
And when there was nothing to blame it on
He put the blame on me, on me

It’s five in the morning and I am out of bed
I’m going down the corridor, his room’s ahead
It’s raging inside me, the gun in my hand’s cold
Tried to forget his wrongs, carved into my soul
I gently enter his domain
I turn the lights on, slowly
Dad, it’s me, your son
I’ve got something to tell you
Something I want you to know
He turns his head around, his eyes still numb
But he understands, tomorrow will not come
He knows He knows

*phones ringing* *someone answers*

I’ve done wrong
His blood’s been spilled
His life is done (murder, murder)
I’ve done wrong
These hands have killed
My father’s gone (murder, murder)

Miriam, will you help me… please
I don’t know what to do (murder, murder)
Miriam, will you please help me
Cause I trust only you


I… don’t know what to say
I’m shocked beyond belief
How could this happen?
We must solve this somehow

You just stay right there
And I’ll come get you
Its still quite dark
We must clean this mess up

You just stay right there by the phone
Dont move
I’ll be there in a few minutes
Oh God… Please save us

Lights and signals flashing before me
And the night is dark and cold
The streets are empty, all is silent
Except my car doing 100 on a 70 road

But in the distant I hear the sirens
They are headed for his home
I take a secret shortcut
Because I need to get there first
Get there first

As I come crashing through the woods, I hit bushes and trees
My adrenaline's pumping, no time to be scared
His house is not far now, I can see it from here
But there he is, running towards me
With someone on his tail

[The Cop]

I am a guardian of the law
protector of the innocent
and the rich
So do you really think
You can get away from me
after this heinous crime

Never before in my life
have I let the fools slip away
never let them out of my sight
my record is spotless
taking down the good and the bad
so do you really think you pose a threat?

I am a guardian of the law
protector of the innocent
and the rich

“So if I were you, I would turn myself in, no use in running from the inevitable...
you lowlives will pay for your deeds... Hahaha!”


from Mechopolis, released December 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Korsair Gothenburg, Sweden

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