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After much deliberation and getting to know each other, our band of outlaws and misfits decide the only way to stop what is happening is to go back up to the moon to rescue Lady Bionic and figure out the mystery behind the moon folk.




And here we are on this sinking ship
A thousand miles away from home
Riding the waves of uncertainty
The crust beneath is breaking with a moan

Oh how we yearn for something
Something to hold on to when the storm begins
But when we finally find this thing
It slips right from our grasp and into the sea


At the crack of dusk, the lights begin to fade
Navigating by the stars is what is left
The waves are slowly calming down, and the night is young
Will we ever see the light again?

Oh how we yearn for something
Something to break the chains, and to free our minds
But when we finally find this thing
It slips right from our grasp, and the chains remain... they remain

[The Cop]

Not in my wildest dreams, had I considered this
That Id be riding along with my foes
But I'm a changed man now, when I have seen the truth
Gone is the veil that covered my eyes

Oh how we yearn for someone
Someone to keep us up when we're about to fall
But when we finally find this someone
They look right into our eyes
And then, they let go

Here I'm lying, blood flows down my cheeks
Feels like I'm dying, like I've been out for weeks

And I pray, that my sins will be forgiven
That he'll have mercy on me

And I pray, for the first time in my life
That I will see the light again

Here I'm thinking, after all that we've been through
Two men fighting, one whose death is due

"And I feel, like I used to feel"
"When I was a kid and I was playing around in the garden with my friends"
"Winters went and summers came and nothing..."
"Nothing ever corrupted our minds"

I miss those days

I do miss those days


So you think you have lost it all?
Then look up at the sky
Do you see? The world that would be my home?
Its not my home, its a prison

Do you truly want to redeem yourself?
Or is it empty words that I hear?
If you truly mean them, I will spare your life
Come with us, share our burden, now its time to act!

Time to act!

w = Wink
c = The Cop

[w] The time is now

[c] To act upon

[w] our inner dream

[c] and deepest wish

[w] The time is now

[c] to change our fates

[w] to guide this ship

[c] to unknown shores

[w] the time is now

[c] to make a stand

[w] and show our worth

[c] to those who doubt

[w] that deep within

[c] we all can be

[w] whoever we want to be

[c] whoever we want to be

[w] Life can hold
so many things
[c] so open up
and spread your wings

[w] life is short
for those who wait
[c] stand in line
the better trait

[w] And In This Moment
cross my heart
[c] Season's changing
A brand new start

[w] count your blessings
renounce your gods
[c] wield your swords
at greater odds

[w] Licking wounds
that never heal
[c] Crying out
to those who feel

[w] No remorse
And no regret
[c] The blind eye sees
What you'll forget

[w] Filthy lies
corrupted men
[c] all is well
in dragons den

[w] Jesus saves
another soul
[c] save one too
and reach your goal

[w] Win or lose
[c] The table's turned
[w] Get up quick
[c] or you'll get burned

[w] A sitting duck
[c] A crownless king
[w] A moment lost
[c] We start to sing

[w] The crowd is wild
[c] The night is young
[w] Pluck your chord
[c] The bell has rung

[w] Drive them home
[c] A bitter loss
[w] Next times a charm
[c] And then you're the boss

[w] Smoking
[c] Searching
[w] Smiling
[c] Leeping
[w] Taking
[c] Leaving
[w] Making
[w and c] Greedy bastard!

[w] Caring
[c] Making
[w] Earning
[c] Stealing
[w] Dreaming
[c] Singing
[w] Breathing

[w] Living... You are living...
[w and c] Life!


from Mechopolis, released December 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Korsair Gothenburg, Sweden

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